Sapphire Automation Framework (SAFW)

Manufacturing industries are faced with challenges to maximize equipment productivity, improve yield, minimize equipment operational losses, reduce scrap...
Sapphire Automation Framework  is a proven enterprise wide solution in equipment automation and control space. This GUI driven interactive system easily integrates to other manufacturing systems and actively monitors and logs data in real-time, while automatically generating required reports. SAFW enables process owners to detect problem at early stage, correlate and make proactive and informed decisions reducing equipment downtime, increasing yield. SAFW has modular architecture. Each module works independently within SAFW. Some of the SAFW modules are Equipment Automation/Control, Data Collection and Material Handling

Business Benefits

  • Enterprise wide Solution
  • Improves productivity at every step by monitoring the process
  • Increases yield by providing means to learn from previous mistakes by providing historical information
  • Minimizes equipment operational losses by fast and accurate data logging
  • Reduces scraps with analysis, alerts and alarms at the right time
  • Improves business process by standardizing equipment interface
  • Equipment Utilization