Our mission is to work with the PV manufacturers to lower costs, increase yield and thus
accelerate adoption of PV solar


Sapphire’s Professional Services include assistance with:

  • Deploying and integrating Automation Framework (SAFW) into your manufacturing site or sites
  • Deploying and using Data Collection Modules


Take advantage of Sapphire's wide experience and understanding of factory and equipment control working with various equipments.Sapphire's Consulting services include:
  • Equipment Control/Automation
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • SPC
  • Factory Information Systems
  • Data Management
  • Material handling
  • Hardware and Software
    • Process Equipments
    • Conveyor systems, buffer stations
    • Laser scribe system (Manual and fully automated)
    • Custom Equipments


To get more information on how we can customize our services for you,
please contact us or call your local sales representative.

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