Data Collection

Manufacturing is always faced with challenges to manage constantly growing data coming from increasing complex equipment, supporting various different communication protocols and at the same time maintaining data security
Sapphire Automation Data Collection is an enterprise wide solution for collecting data real time from various tools. It supports various hardware and protocols collecting data within nano secs resolution providing traceability for easy debugging

Business Benefits

  • Data is buffered in case of loss of communication
  • Data I/O points are fully configurable
  • Data collection rate for each I/O points is configurable
  • Connectivity to MES or FIS
  • Data Logging at nano secs resolution, easy for debugging and tracing
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Visibility into each and every step of the process with remote monitoring, configurable security, and scheduling
  • Industry standard tools like Visual Studio.NET, XML
  • Ease of training & administration